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Advocacy Toolkit

Welcome to the advocacy toolkit, these pages are designed to help your organisation clearly demonstrate the value of public investment in the arts. You can use the information to:

  • build a relationship with your Assembly Member to explain why it's essential to invest in the arts, and how this applies to your organisation
  • tell your stakeholders and social networking followers why we need public investment in the arts, and encourage them to make the case to their Assembly Members and local councillors
  • update your website with content on the benefits of public investment in the arts
  • develop key messages on public investment in the arts for your press releases and media activity

In our spring 2014 round of Sgwrs Gelfyddydol events, our Chair, Dai Smith and Chief Executive, Nick Capaldi delivered a presentation outlining 10 reasons why the Arts in Wales matter.

10 Reasons Why the Arts in Wales matter

The following 10 points sum up in the simplest and most direct terms why public investment in the arts is important; you can use and adapt these bullets at every opportunity

  1. The arts in Wales are popular.
  2. The arts unlock the creativity and imagination of our young people.
  3. The arts encourage engagement and bring communities together.
  4. The arts encourage cultural and social change.
  5. The arts contribute to Wales’ economic prosperity.
  6. The arts are vital to cultural tourism, encouraging people to visit and find out about Wales.
  7. The arts help to promote the profile and reputation of Wales on the world stage.
  8. The arts express our bilingual identity and culture through the medium of the Welsh and English languages.
  9. The arts deliver tangible results across a wide range of national and local government policy.
  10. The arts enrich our lives.

Demonstrating the benefits of public investment in the arts

Below is a presentation which may be useful to demonstrate the value of your work. You are welcome to share it, download it or embed it on your own websites and social media channels.

We’ve also produced infographics to show key facts and figures around our investment, how arts and culture impacts employment and the economy and the benefits it brings to audiences. Download and share them now!

Local Authorities

We want to inspire you to think about the benefits that the arts can bring to your community, and the leadership role that you can play in helping to improve the quality of life and well-being of your fellow citizens.

Meeting the Funding Challenge rehearses, briefly, some of the arguments in favour of investment in the arts.

Transforming the Cultural Landscape of Wales

We want people in Wales to be inspired by the arts and excited by the opportunities they have to enjoy and take part in the arts. One of the ways we do this is by helping to create arts buildings and facilities that are distinctive, intriguing and engaging.

This publication offers just a flavour of some of those spaces:

Transforming the Cultural Landscape of Wales


Please find the sources for the information in our infographics here.

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