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Advice and Information

We offer advice and information to creative professionals, organisations and the wider arts sector.

The advice and information we provide comes in many formats, including toolkits, information sheets, practical guidance, publications and research reports. Follow the links to find out more in your chosen field.

Advice for Creative Professionals

We have updated guides for Creative Professionals available to view as webpages or download as documents:

Advice and Guidance for Arts Organisations

Both members of Arts Porfolio Wales and other arts organisations can read advice and information about:

Toolkits and Guides

Past Events

See some of the resources we have available from past events held by us.


Browse our entire library of publications by category, artform and date. We have also tagged all the documents so you can find what you're looking for.

Research | Photo: Falstaff, Mid Wales Opera; photographer David Pugh


Our Research into the Arts

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The Arts, Literacy and Numeracy Toolkit

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