Arts Council of Wales | Council


The Arts Council is composed of appointed members who all bring their experience and expertise about Wales and the arts to bear on the development of the arts in Wales.

Arts Council of Wales' Council members are appointed by the Welsh Government's Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism. Members normally serve for a period of three years and may be reappointed for a further three-year period.

They fulfil an important role. Collectively, Council is responsible for ensuring the effective and proper investment of Welsh Government funding and money from the Lottery.

Council is responsible for:

  • setting the strategic direction for the Arts Council
  • developing, implementing and monitoring arts policy
  • agreeing the Corporate and Operational Plans
  • setting the annual budget
  • annual allocation of grants to revenue funded organisations
  • ensuring that the Arts Council manages its affairs effectively and accountably

Council delegates:

Council can also consults National Advisers, members of which are appointed by Council to provide specialist advice.

Find out more about our council members, the plans agreed by the council and available papers from council meetings.

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