Arts Council of Wales | Answers to Some of Your Questions

Answers to Some of Your Questions

Here we’ll try to answer some of the queries that we’ve received since launching the Investment Review.

  • We’ll try to include as many as possible that we think will be useful to others, but we may not publish questions that refer specifically to individual organisations (or me may remove the identity as appropriate). You can ask a question by emailing us at:

    To see the answers, select the questions below.

    • A1: No, there is no specific format although you should try and include enough details about main funding streams and expenditure (Local Authority, Earned Income etc) to allow us to assess the reasonableness without including unnecessary detail.

      Also you should make sure you include budgets for all the years requested and (it may seem obvious) the Arts Council request figure should agree to the amounts on the application form.

      It would be helpful to get them all on one sheet for easier comparison too

    • A2. Similarly to Lottery applications if you require a hard copy of your form you can simply start an application and click ‘printer friendly version’ at the top of the page.

      You also get emailed a copy of your application when you click ‘save and finish later’ at the bottom of an application page.

      Please remember that, unless you have specific access issues with using an online application, you will need to submit using the online form.

    • We thought it would be useful to provide some clarification here as the remarks within the ‘Guidelines for Applicants’ do not, as the question suggests, rigidly follow the application form questions in some areas. Strategy is one of these areas.

      The guidelines are suggesting what the applicant may think about more generally when completing the Inspire section of the form (and may relate to other sections of the form also). In fact the next question on the form under ‘Creating and Developing the Arts’ is an example of where it also relates to another question.

    • A4. When we use the term ‘evidence’ we expect this to be included within the narrative whenever a specific attachment is not requested.
    • A5. We’re just looking for an outline proposal and how it will benefit you (with reference to your business plan narrative where appropriate). We’re not expecting a detailed budget but some initial scoping and a propose timeline of implementation. It may also play into the ‘one off assistance’ section of the form and how you might use this, if successful, to action your plans.
    • A6. The figures are all attendances/participants regardless of location

      If there are significant amounts of non Welsh attendance/participation then you may wish to note this in one of the related narrative boxes (for participation in particular)

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