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The Arts and Creative Learning Plan

The Arts and Creative Learning Plan offers an inspiring range of new opportunities, jointly funded and managed in partnership by Welsh Government and Arts Council of Wales.

It will bring about a sea change in the way that arts and education sectors work together to deliver important benefits for learners and their schools.

NEW Dance at Clwyd Theatr Cymru (image: Jamie Jenkins)
NEW Dance at Clwyd Theatr Cymru in Mold as part of Flintshire Dance’ Fest 2014 (image: Jamie Jenkins)

In March 2014 the Welsh Government issued a response to Professor Dai Smith’s report on the review of Arts in Education in the Schools of Wales (2013), agreeing to all twelve of the report’s recommendations. The Arts and Creative Learning Plan responds to these recommendations. It sets out an action plan and a range of new opportunities which make learning about the arts and culture, participating in the arts and developing creative skills a core feature in the education of children and young people across Wales.

The opportunities will make learning more engaging and rewarding. They will also support improvements in the quality of teaching and learning’ helping to meet curriculum challenges.

The plan provides new high quality arts and creative learning opportunities, making sure that children and young people are able to enjoy, take part in and learn from the arts. Creativity matters, and we want to see the creative skills of learners developed across the school curriculum. But we need to make it easier for all children to enjoy the benefits that the arts offer, especially those from deprived backgrounds.

Our goal is straightforward, but there’s work to do. So as we implement the Arts and Creative Learning Plan we want to explain how its opportunities will be rolled out. If you’re a young person, a teacher, a school, an artist or creative professional, or an arts or cultural organisation, you could be at the heart of our Arts and Creative Learning Plan.

The Arts and Creative Learning Plan divides into two linked strands of activity:

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