Arts Council of Wales | What We Do

What We Do

Arts Council of Wales is the country's funding and development agency for the arts.

Our vision is of a creative Wales where the arts are central to the life of the nation.

Our priorities are:

  • supporting the creation of the best in great art
  • encouraging more people to enjoy and take part in the arts
  • growing the arts economy
  • making Arts Council of Wales an effective and efficient business

As well supporting and developing high quality arts activity, some of the activities that we perform day to day are:

  • distributing Lottery funds
  • providing advice about the arts
  • sharing information
  • raising the profile of the arts in Wales
  • generating more money for the arts economy
  • influencing planners and decision-makers
  • developing international opportunities in the arts
  • promoting small scale performances in local communities

Our job is to ensure that the contribution of the arts is recognised, valued and celebrated.

Funding | Artist: Holly Davey


How we fund the Arts in Wales

Research | Photo: Falstaff, Mid Wales Opera; photographer David Pugh


Our Research into the Arts

Consultations | Photo: Artist Hilary Roberts


Documents undergoing public consultation

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