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Tu Fewn

The Tu Fewn project presented an opportunity for arts organisations in Wales to commission new high quality work by Disabled visual artists from across the UK and Internationally.

Tu Fewn was an exciting and innovative project delivered by Disability Arts Shropshire (DASH) working in partnership with Disability Arts Cymru with funding from Arts Council of Wales.

Three commissions were realised; working with Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Ffotogallery and g39.

Aims of Tu Fewn

The aims of Tu Fewn were to increase the number of Disabled visual artists :

  • Exhibiting in mainstream galleries in Wales
  • Developing Curatorial skills with Mainstream galleries in Wales
  • Working with Arts Organisations in Wales
  • To change working practices of galleries and arts organisations through a practical partnership and network
  • To increase the number of Disabled people as an arts audience.

Further information on the three individual Tu Fewn commissions can be found on the DASH website.

Arts Council of Wales recognises the success of the project and is pleased that discussions around how to take it forward into a new stage are ongoing within the visual arts sector in Wales.

Tu Fewn
The Arts in Wales

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