Arts Council of Wales | Using light, colour and music to engage pupils at Trinity Fields

Using light, colour and music to engage pupils at Trinity Fields

Eye Music Trust has been the Creative Practitioner working in collaboration with Trinity Fields Special School in Caerphilly as part of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme.

An interactive intersensory space

David Stevens from Eye Music Trust worked with 10 pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) every day for a week as part of a two week block project.

Combining music and sound with colour, light and space, the Eye Music Trust set up an interactive intersensory space to do 20 minute one-to-one sessions with each child in the group.

David said: "The interactive space used music and light on a white background to provide a rich and enabling environment for the pupils to engage with their external environment through a series of sensors they controlled through movement.

"Due to the pupils’ current learning needs this experience was as much about improving their ability to interact with the external environment, as it was about providing a fantastic sensory experience that they could just enjoy. It also enabled us to do some informal research into this kind of experience for PMLD students."

Eye Music Trust

Trinity Field exploring creative ideas

Claire Boswell from Trinity Fields School said: "As a school we are always looking for creative ways to engage our pupils in their learning. Being a Lead Creative School gave us the opportunity to explore creative ideas with a structured plan and skilled professionals.

"The pupils involved in this project had limited opportunities to be independently creative, so it was great that they were able to create something with just their movements. You could see over the course of the week that some of the pupils had started to realise the relationship between their actions and the sounds and lights that were appearing. They would pause, then laugh and smile while making more intentional movements. The pupils have made good progress in their learning and are more engaged and proactive in this environment.

"Working in partnership with the Eye Music Trust benefited both the school and our pupils. It allowed us to immediately tap into David’s knowledge, skills, ideas and resources and it was also a great opportunity for staff to observe pupils learning in this environment. The experience has helped staff development, giving us the chance to reflect on individual pupils learning and it has been a great tool to inform future training and planning on creative teaching and experiences in our school."

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