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Kitchener Primary School's Wondercrump Visit

Kitchener Primary School in Cardiff applied to the Go and See Fund to visit the Wondercrump exhibition in Wales Millennium Centre

Following their successful Go and See application, Kitchener Primary School in Cardiff took 190 learners (aged 8-11) to the Wondercrump world of Roald Dahl exhibition and workshops at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff in November 2016.

Going to See the Millennium Centre for the first time

The grant covered the costs of participation enabling learners to visit the Wales Millennium Centre, despite the close proximity of the school, this was for many of the students, their first visit.

Learners were able to access a range of workshops delivered by young people at the Centre including;

  • Gobblefunk - exploring the joy of language
  • Magic Finger - creating a musical score to accompany the story of the Magic Finger
  • George's Marvellous Mix Up - exploring the science behind our favourite food.

What the teachers and pupils thought

"The experience was an invaluable stimulus to learning across the curriculum. Year 4 pupils worked on developing their poetry writing skills with a special emphasis on extending vocabulary. Year 5 used the visit to launch their science topic ’potions’ and Year 6 focused on music composition."
– Headteacher

"We did lots of activities and played fun games. My favourite moment was when we experienced what the Twits home was like when it was upside down and everything was stuck to the roof!"
– Pupil

Why did Kitchener Primary School apply?

Kitchener Primary School applied for funding to support their priority to provide quality first hand experiences.

The visit enabled learners to use their experience to support a whole school Roald Dahl day where pupils dressed up and re-enacted excerpts from the stories, whilst the workshops themselves enabled learners to expand their use of vocabulary and sentence patterns.

Kitchener Primary School's Wondercrump Visit
Go and See

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