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Golden Days

'Golden Days' is an interactive dance performance by Dawns i Bawb devised for elderly people in residential care and specifically for people who are living with Dementia.

This project is facilitated by Dawns i Bawb, a member of Arts Portfolio Wales with almost 30 years’ experience in delivering Community Dance provision across Conwy, Gwynedd and Ynys Môn.

It is an interactive dance performance which allows people to alternate between being audience and participant. The performance is suitable for all abilities and uses elements such as the use of the senses, evoking memories, being in the moment, interaction with others and creative expression.

Tackling social isolation though Dance

A large focus of this work has been on tackling social isolation with elderly people in rural residential care.

For each performance of ‘Golden Days,’ groups of people from the community of the care home are invited to participate with the residents, providing an opportunity for groups of people to dance together that might not otherwise interact.

These might include the local primary school, youth group or other community groups.

What ‘Golden Days’ project achieved

‘Wow what an amazing afternoon. I wanted to say thank you. That really was quite special’ (Manager, Residential Home, Conwy)

  • Over 200 people have participated together since the start of the project in September 2016
  • Social interaction and bringing communities together through dance is effective due to its use of non-verbal communication and it’s accessibility for all
  • A number of homes invite family and friends to participate with the residents which has also had a positive effect
  • The performance has been very positively received with staff reporting seeing a difference in those that particiapte, interaction from those that have previously shown lack of interaction, and emotional responses from participants

On the Well-being Checklist: Health ✔ Equality ✔ Community ✔ Culture & Language ✔ Global ✔

Golden Days
Well-being of Future Generations

Registered Charity Number 1034245