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Trusts & Foundations

Architectural Heritage (UK)

The Architectural Heritage Fund is a registered charity founded in 1976 to promote the conservation of historic buildings in the UK. It does this by providing advice, information and financial assistance in the form of grants and low interest working capital loans for projects undertaken by building preservation trust (BPTs) and other charities throughout the UK.

Only organisations with charitable status are eligible for financial assistance from the AHF. Any charity with a qualifying project is entitled to apply for an options appraisal grant, or a loan, but the AHF's other grants are reserved for BPTs – charities established specifically to preserve historic buildings.

Telephone: 020 7925 0199
Fax: 020 7930 0295

Art Fund

The UK's leading art charity offers museums and galleries hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to buy artworks.

Telephone: 020 7225 4800
Fax: 020 7225 4848

Baring Foundation

Its purpose is to improve the quality of life of people suffering disadvantage and discrimination. Their aim is to achieve this through making grants to strengthen voluntary sector organisations which serve them directly or indirectly.

Telephone: 020 7767 1348
Fax: 020 7767 7121

BBC Children in Need

BBC Children in Need provides grants for up to three years to properly constituted not for profit organisations working with disadvantaged young people aged 18 or under.

Telephone: 029 2032 2383

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

The Innovation Fund supports genuinely innovative ideas and unusual partnerships across cultural, educational and social interests.

Not-for-profit organisations can apply for R&D funding to scope a new idea which enables them to work together with other organisations or experts outside their usual practice, or to enable them to undertake active research into areas they would not normally have the time or money to explore. This fund is not open to individuals.

Telephone: 020 7012 1400 or 0845 872 9930
Fax: 020 7739 1961

Clore Duffield

The Foundation is a grant-making organisation which concentrates its support on education, the arts, museum and gallery education, cultural leadership training, health and social care and enhancing Jewish life, whilst placing a particular emphasis on supporting children, young people and society's more vulnerable individuals.

Telephone: 020 7351 6061
Fax: 020 7351 5308

Coalfields Regeneration Trust

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust (the Trust) is an independent grant making organisation that was established in 1999 to improve the quality of life in Britain's coalfield communities. In Wales this covers the Valleys communities plus areas within Powys and Flintshire.

Telephone: 01443 404 455
Fax: 01443 408 804

Comic Relief

Our aim is to support organisations that work with young people in need to make positive changes in their lives. Our grant-making is focused on the following 3 areas: Young people with mental health problems; Young people with alcohol problems; Young people exploited through prostitution, trafficking and the internet.

Telephone: 020 7820 5555

Elephant Trust

The Elephant Trust was created in 1975 by Roland Penrose and Lee Miller with a view to develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the fine arts in the United Kingdom.

Esmee Fairbairn

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation was established in 1961 by Ian Fairbairn as a memorial to his wife Esmée. Today it is one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the UK. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for people and communities in the UK both now and in the future.

Telephone: 020 7812 3700
Fax: 020 7812 3701

Foyle Foundation

The Foyle Foundation is an independent grantmaking trust that distributes grants to UK charities whose core work is in the areas of Learning & the Arts and Health.

Telephone: 020 7430 9119

Funding database for visual artists & composers

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has launched an online directory dedicated to UK funding streams for visual artists and composers. It lists grants ranging from £250 to £20,000. Visit the directory at

Garfield Weston Foundation

A grant-giving charity for UK registered charities. The Foundation will also consider applications from a limited number of exempt organisations - churches, educational establishments, hospitals and housing corporations.

Telephone: 020 7399 6565

Headley Trust

Part of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trust, the trust has a particular interest in the arts and has made large grants to museums, galleries, libraries and theatres. It is primarily proactive preferring to identify its own grantees. Their last annual report states that proposals are generally invited by the trustees or initiated at their request.

Telephone: 020 7410 0330

Help the Aged

Grants are only available to support organisations whose work will provide direct and lasting benefit to older people in particular projects which assist people in remaining active such as leisure and exercise programmes.

Telephone: 029 2034 6550

Hilton Foundation

Hilton in the Community Foundation wants to help as many young people as possible. Under the banner Supporting Young People Worldwide the Foundation is dedicated to making a real difference to those most in need, wherever Hilton operates. Through targeted grant giving, we aim to support smaller charities that might otherwise be overlooked.

Telephone: 020 7605 7733
Fax: 020 7605 7736

Jerwood Charitable Foundation

Established by the Jerwood Foundation in 1999, the Jerwood Charitable Foundation is an independent foundation committed to imaginative and responsible funding of the arts. The JCF supports emerging and established artists at important stages in their development and across all art-forms. We aim for our funding to allow artists and arts organisations to thrive; to continue to develop their skills, imagination and creativity with integrity.

Telephone: 020 7388 6287

Lankelly Chase Foundation

The Foundation concentrates its work within the United Kingdom, seeking to promote social justice, highlighting unpopular causes and working with others to tackle them. The Trustees' policy is to encourage applications from organisations making a difference in areas which do not easily attract charitable funds and in which the Foundation's programme directors have developed particular skill and understanding.

Telephone: 01235 820044
Fax: 01235 432 720

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales invests in charities supporting people to break out of disadvantage at critical points in their lives, and promotes practical approaches to lasting change.
Pentagon House, 52-54 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN
Tel: 0870 411 1223
Follow us on Twitter: @lbfew

Millennium Stadium Trust

Through its grant funding the Trust aims to improve the quality of life of people who live and work in Wales. In particular the Trust aims to promote education, history, language and culture, particularly for those who face disadvantage or discrimination. The Trust is keen to help young people learn more about their country via exchange programmes and has made provision to support youth exchange programmes which fall in to any of the funding categories of the Trust.

Telephone: 029 2049 4963
Fax: 029 20494963

OneFamily Foundation Community Awards



The OneFamily Foundation Community Awards is here to help fund community projects that are close to our customers hearts. £5 million has been committed to the Foundation over the next five years to improve communities across the UK. Nominations take place over two rounds with a public vote determining the winner. Do you know a project or community group that needs funding? Apply today and see the difference you can make to your community.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) make grants to organisations which aim to maximise opportunities for individuals to experience a full quality of life, both now and in the future. In particular PHF are concerned with children and young people, and others who are disadvantaged. PHF prefer to support work which others may find hard to fund, perhaps because it breaks new ground, is too risky or is unpopular. PHF also take initiatives ourselves where new thinking is required or where we believe there are important unexplored opportunities.

Telephone: 020 7227 3500
Fax: 020 7227 3575

PRS Foundation for New Music

The PRS Foundation for New Music (PRSF) is a refreshingly approachable and adventurous funding body. As the UK's only independent funder of new music across all genres, the Foundation supports a huge range of new music activity - everything from unsigned band showcases to residencies for music creators, from ground-breaking commissions to live electronica.

Please note that the PRSF does not currently offer support for recordings.

Telephone: 020 7306 4044
Fax: 020 7306 4814

QUEST - Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) makes awards ranging from £2,000 to £15,000 to craftsmen and women of all ages to help them further their careers.

Telephone: 020 7828 2268

ROSL ARTS (Royal Over Seas League)

The principal ways in which ROSL ARTS supports artists and musicians is through the ROSL Annual Music Competition, ROSL Commonwealth Music Scholarships, and ROSL Commonwealth Visual Arts Scholarships. ROSL ARTS also provides performance and exhibition opportunities for its prize-winning artists and musicians early in their careers, and thus brings their work to the attention of the professional arts community, the media and the general public.

Telephone: 020 7408 0214

The Dulverton Trust

The Dulverton Trust is an independent charitable grant-making organisation. It provides money to UK registered charities and to organisations with charitable status, mainly operating in England, Scotland and Wales. It derives from the tobacco-generated fortune of the Wills Family and has an endowment worth £85million.

Telephone: 020 7629 9121
Fax: 020 7495 6201

The European Youth Foundation

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) is a fund established in 1972 by the Council of Europe to provide financial support for European youth activities. It has an annual budget of approximately 3 million Euros.

The Leverhulme Trust

With annual funding of some £50 million, the Trust is amongst the largest all subject providers of research funding in the UK.

Telephone: 020 7042 9873

The Pilgrim Trust

The Pilgrim Trust was founded in 1930 by the wealthy American philanthropist Edward Stephen Harkness. Inspired by his admiration and affection for Great Britain, Harkness endowed the Trust with just over £2 million pounds. It was Harkness's wish that his gift be given in grants for some of Britain's 'more urgent needs' and to 'promote her future well-being'. The first Trustees decided that the Trust should assist with social welfare projects, preservation (of buildings and countryside) and the promotion of art and learning. This has remained the focus of The Pilgrim Trust and the current Board of Trustees follows Harkness's guidelines by giving grants to projects in the fields of Preservation and Scholarship and of Social Welfare. Trustees review these objectives every three years. The Trust works within two broad Programme Areas: Social Welfare and Preservation & Scholarship.

Telephone: 020 7222 4723
Fax: 020 7976 0461

The Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust Business Programme provides money and support to help young people start up in busines. The money will help develop key skills, confidence and motivation, enabling young people to move into work, education or training.

Telephone: 029 2084 2842/0800 842 842 (freephone)

Tudor Trust

The trust supports organisations whose work addresses the social, emotional and financial needs of people at the margins of society.

Telephone: 020 7727 8522

Waterloo Foundation

The Waterloo Foundation is an independent grant-making Foundation in the UK. They give grants to organisations in both the UK and world-wide. They are most interested in projects that help globally particularly in the areas of the disparity of wealth and climate-related issues. The Waterloo Foundation want to help both the global community and the local community here in Wales.

Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust is an independent charity funding research to improve human and animal health

Telephone: 020 7611 7222

Welsh Coalfields Bond

The awards are designed to help those wanting to pursue a career in the creative sector via funding of, for example, musical instruments, rehearsal space or art materials.

Telephone: 01223 488400

Wingate Scholarships

Wingate Scholarships are awarded to individuals of great potential or proven excellence who need financial support to undertake pioneering or original work of intellectual, scientific, artistic, social or environmental value, and to outstandingly talented musicians for advanced training.

Artist: Calum Stirling
Other Sources of Funding

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