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Arts Grants for Creative Professionals

Supporting creative professionals is a high priority for us.

We want to identify and nurture individuals with creative talent and we want to enable creative professionals to develop their careers and be able to earn a sustainable living in Wales from their work.

Information about making an application

You may apply to us in Welsh or English. All applications will be treated equally.

Find out if you have the correct web browser to use our online application system.

When can you apply for Arts Grants for Creative Professionals?

The Small Grants rolling programme is currently open.

Please note: We will be temporarily closing the Small Grants programme while we undertake a review of our Lottery funding. The last day we’ll be accepting Small Grant applications will be Wednesday, 10th July 2019 at 5pm. Decisions will be communicated by Wednesday 31st July 2019.

The next Large Grants deadlines are:

• 5pm Wednesday 23rd January 2019

• 5pm Wednesday 8th May 2019

The programme will then temporarily close while we undertake a review of our Lottery funding.

How to Apply

1. Read our Getting Started Guide

The Arts Grants for Creative Professionals: Getting Started document has all the information you need to know if you’re thinking of making an application to Arts Grants for Creative Professionals.

It will help you with the first important step: identifying whether our funding is right for you and your project. It will also tell you the types of activity we want to support. We call these "strands".

Getting Started: Arts Grants for Creative Professionals

2. Check your eligibility

You should always check against our criteria whether you're eligibile to make an application to us.

Take our online eligibility questionnaire here.

3. Choose a strand

After reading the Arts Grants for Creative Professionals: Getting Started document and completing the eligibility questionnaire, you can select which strand is right for you.

We call the types of activity we want to support "strands". We are very clear about what we want to achieve from each strand, and how they help us meet our strategic priorities.

We have separate guidance notes for each strand. Follow the links below to read information about the types of projects we want to support and how to make an application.

Music Industry Development

To support projects that develop the foundations for a vibrant music industry in Wales and that help music talent in Wales to build a sustainable career. Select this strand


To support the creation of high quality artistic work for presentation to audiences. Select this strand

Research and Development

To support experimentation and to enable the exploration and development of new ideas, new collaborations and new ways of working. Select this strand

Professional Development

To enable creative professionals to attend training, enhance their creative practice and invest in the skills that will help them to build a sustainable career in Wales. Select this strand

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