Arts Council of Wales | Funding Application Help Notes: Lottery Capital Programme, Project Registration

Funding Application Help Notes: Lottery Capital Programme, Project Registration

The Process

If you would like to apply to the Arts Council of Wales for Capital Lottery funding for £50,000 or more, you must register the project with us.

We have designed the form so it is simple and will allow you to describe your project in brief. It also gives us some information about the arts activity you deliver.

An Officer will write a report on your project registration form and this will be considered by Capital Committee. We will then let you know whether you can go ahead and make a full application.

Your project will be judged on its ability to meet our strategic priorities and the criteria set out in our General Guide to Arts Council of Wales Lottery Capital Programme, as well as the funds available for distribution.

Please note that if you are invited to submit an application this does not imply or guarantee that funding will be awarded.

If you are applying for a grant of £100,000 or more for a building project, you will need to undertake the three stage process:

  • Feasibility
  • Development
  • Full application

For those projects between £50,000 and £100,000 you can normally submit a full application straight away.

If you are advised to make an application you must do so within nine months of your project being registered, otherwise it will be considered null and void. If after this time you still would like to submit an application form you would usually need to go through the project registration process again.

The Project Registration Form

The notes below provide an explanation of the information we need you to provide on your project registration form.

About Your Organisation

Here we ask you to tell us some basic information about your organisation and activity. We ask for three sets of contact details:

  • Your organisation’s address (its main administrative office or base)
  • The Chair of your Board or Management Committee (or your equivalent governing body)
  • The person in your organisation authorised to deal with all matters relating to this application (we call this the Primary Contact)

We are often asked about the types of organisations we fund and what arts activity they deliver. The information you give here will help us answer these questions. It will also help us when we assess your application.

Description of project

You should describe the capital project that you are looking for funding towards. This could be the purchase of equipment, public art works or the redevelopment of your existing premises. You should briefly tell us why the project is needed and the benefit that there will be from the project.

Summary of arts activity for the last twelve months

The level and type of arts activity you deliver is very important to our consideration of your project. You should summarise the activity you have delivered over the past year. Please tell us the number of people that have been involved in your arts activity either as participants, audience members or attenders. Estimated figures are acceptable.

Other funding partners identified:

Capital Lottery funding cannot cover the total cost of your project. (Please refer to our General Guide to the Arts Council of Wales Lottery Capital Programme for details of the maximum percentage we could contribute to your project). You should tell us what other organisations you have identified as funding partners for the project. If you have made applications to these organisations you should tell us how much you have applied for and when you are expecting a decision. If you have secured funding already please tell us how much you have raised and from what sources.

Indicative timetable for the project:

It is important for our planning that you tell us the timetable that you are working to for your project. You should state the proposed start date for your project and if you are able to do so you should also indicate when you think that you would be submitting an application to us. If there are any mitigating factors that you are already aware of that could impact on your timetable, please let us know.

Have you undertaken any of the following:

If you have undertaken any of the work referred to, please tick the appropriate box.

Registered Charity Number 1034245