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Arts Portfolio Wales

67 organisations are members of Arts Portfolio Wales - from April 2016 onwards.

Members of Arts Portfolio Wales (previously called Revenue Funded Organisations) are those clients in receipt of recurrent grants, awarded on an annual basis, towards their core activities.

Arts Council of Wales’ investment in the Arts Portfolio is one of the key means by which we aim to achieve a dynamic and creative arts sector and to deliver the strategic priorities outlined in our Corporate Plan and agreed with the Welsh Government.

Arts Portfolio Wales Handbook

We set broader expectations alongside a number of common targets for all members of Arts Portfolio Wales. Our Handbook explains how we manage our relationship with portfolio members. The Handbook link also provides access to the templates to present information during each year about how the organisation operates and is performing.

The Resilience Programme: The Arts Portfolio Wales Resilience Programme is not currently open to application. However, if you are an Arts Portfolio Wales member that is interested in joining the Programme please contact

Arts Portfolio Wales Survey

The Arts Portfolio Wales Survey is sent every six months to all 67 members. The survey primarily collects data on the number of arts events run and attendances made to these activities. See more about the Arts Portfolio Wales Survey.

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