Arts Council of Wales | Childrens Omnibus Survey 2017

Childrens Omnibus Survey 2017


3 May 2018

Creative Area

Young People


Engagement and Participation

The latest findings from the Children’s Omnibus Survey for 2017 have now been released. Since 2007 Arts Council of Wales has conducted an annual attendance and participation survey among children and young people. The survey focuses on levels of engagement in the arts by children and young people in Wales aged 7-18 years of age. Information is collected on attendance to arts events and participation in artistic activities via a series of questions included on the Annual Beaufort Research Children’s Omnibus Survey. Demographic and regional variations are explored, a comparison of art-forms is provided, and individual art-form trends are included within the Appendices to the report. Two infographics are also available and demonstrate the key findings from the report.


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