Arts Council of Wales | Report and Financial Statements 2017-18

Report and Financial Statements 2017-18

Report and Financial Statements 2017-18


17 Aug 2018



Annual Reports

"For all the successes and achievements of the publicly funded arts – and you’ll read about many of them in this report – the benefits of the arts remain stubbornly out of reach for far too many people in Wales. Disabled people and people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds are shamefully under-represented in the publicly funded arts. This must change – and change it will – as Council places greater emphasis on Equalities, Diversity and Fairness in the years ahead.

"More broadly, all of us concerned with the common good, with the well-being of our fellow citizens, must be deeply anxious about the inequalities and social exclusion that’s so evident all around us. Wherever you stand in the Brexit debate, we were all stopped in our tracks by the shout of contempt for institutions, experts and establishments that came from the disadvantaged areas of Wales. From outside the urban metropolitan centres, we were hearing the voices of those who felt forgotten. We’re unapologetic about supporting the very best. But the best for who? Limitations of access, the brutal exclusions, are not acceptable in the publicly funded arts."

Phil George, Chair


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