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An Amateur Convention in consideration of Wales in Venice 2013 at St Fagans: National History Museum, Cardiff.

Featuring Bedwyr Williams alongside other contributors, the Convention delivered a great day of artistic interchange in a unique venue.

Composed of talks, performances and film screenings that explored the relationship between stargazing and the home, the cosmos, the role of the amateur, this informal event poses crucial questions, such as:

  • Why, through the ages, have we been so fascinated by the cosmos?
  • How have we used it to learn more about our future and discover knowledge of our past?
  • What does it mean to work as an amateur in a field filled with professionals?
  • How much dust is in the universe?
  • What does a shriveled apple have to do with a 19th Century photograph of the moon?
  • How is Terrazzo flooring made? And why do atoms jiggle?

Registered Charity Number 1034245