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Invigilator Plus

Invigilator Plus

Wales at the Venice Biennale: Developing Artists and Curators.

As part of Wales in Venice 2011, Arts Council of Wales is running professional development opportunities for artists and curators. The aim is to enable artists and curators working in Wales to have access to current international contemporary visual arts practice, to experience the Venice Biennale and provide support to the delivery of the Wales’ presence at the Biennale.

Following huge interest the successful participants in the Invigilator Plus programme are:

Rebecca Voelcker, Rhian Haf, Sean Puleston, Tom Goddard, Sioned Phillips, Rachel Butcher, Erin Rickard, Hannah Downing, Nia Metcalfe, Victoria Malcolm and Samuel Hasler.

The Invigilators provide a vital interface with visitors to the exhibition. They maintain and supervise the smooth running of the exhibition - from the hectic opening days through to group visits later in the run from organised parties and colleges up until the close of the exhibition in November. During their stay they will also be able to pursue personal projects as artists or curators. Each will spend six or seven weeks working in Venice.

"I am pleased and honoured to be part of the Wales at Venice Biennale team 2011. It is a wonderful opportunity to pass on my passion and knowledge of the art scene in Wales and support Swansea's Tim Davies, as well as a chance to develop my own working relationships with international artists and curators, while being able to focus on my own projects in the beautiful surroundings of Venice." (Tom Goddard)


The project also hosted three internships. Isobel Crawford worked on photographic documentation and the interpretation of the installation period in the Ludoteca. Dymphna D’Arcy worked in video likewise in making a document in films which also reflected the space, the works and their installation.

The third intern, Mair Jones has developed educational resources for use on the Wales at Venice website and as an education pack for Key Stage 2 pupils. Mair will also oversee the lecture tour by Tim Davies of Welsh galleries in the autumn of 2011.

Travel Awards

Wales Arts International awarded 69 travel Bursaries to representatives from Wales based organisations working in the visual arts sector.

Figures: Chapter, 2008 ©Tim Davies

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