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About the Venice Biennale

About the Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale of Art is the leading international event for the Visual Arts.

Bedwyr Williams - The Starry MessengerEstablished in 1895, the Art Biennale has an attendance today of over 300,000 visitors, attracting 30,000 key international curators, critics, collectors and artists and political and cultural representatives to the three-day Vernissage (preview) period alone. The Biennale takes place in two official sites in Venice: the Arsenale, which hosts the international exhibition, and the Giardini di Castello in the east of the city, which houses the historic national pavilions.

Eighty-eight National Pavilions participated in 2013, ten of which were featured for the first time; Angola, Bahamas, Kingdom of Bahrain, Ivory Coast, Republic of Kosovo, Kuwait, Maldives, Paraguay, Tuvalu and the Holy See.

Collateral Events selected by the Director of the Biennale are organised by non–profit national and international bodies and institutions. Forty-eight Collateral Events were selected to take place across the city in 2013, enriching the diversity of voices that characterizes the Venice Biennale.

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