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Paying Artists

The latest fair payment guidelines for artists have now been announced by a-n The Artist Information Company.

Arts Council of Wales has worked with a-n The Artist Information Company and other arts councils to ensure that creative professionals are paid adequately for their work.

It reflects the importance that we place on individual artists as the bedrock of Inspire: our strategy for creativity and the arts.

Who will benefit from the Fair Payment Guidelines?

The Paying Artists Campaign aims to secure payment for artists, who exhibit in publicly-funded galleries.

a-n represents 20,000 professional visual artists. These guidelines will enable the sector to address and support the principle of fair exhibition payment in practice.

How much are the fair payments?

A set of suggested payments (ranging from £150 to £6,000) have been developed. These cover a wide range of exhibition scenarios and guidance for implementation.

With its artists advisory group, AIR, a-n has spent more than two years working and consulting with artists, major public funders and visual arts organisations, big and small, to come up with this solution.

Why are fair payments needed?

There are over 150 publicly funded galleries in England, Scotland and Wales but until now there has been no widely agreed guidance as to how much artists should be paid for creating the work shown within their changing exhibitions programme.

The visual arts contribute £2.3 billion gross value added to the UK economy each year. Despite the sector employing more than 37,000 people:

  • 71% of artists had not received a fee for their contributions to publicly-funded exhibitions; and
  • 63% had to turn down exhibition offers from publicly-funded galleries because they couldn’t afford to work for nothing.

Read the Fair Payment Guidelines

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Press release 12/10/2016

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