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In our annual conference in 2012 we began a journey with our stakeholders and our public to seek and shape the themes we felt were important for the future of the arts in Wales. We sought an agenda from our stakeholders and those interested in the role the arts can have.

In this time Council have reaffirmed the mission and vision of the Arts Council:

Our vision is of a creative Wales where the arts are central to the life of the nation.

In Open Space sessions across Wales we sought answers to the questions "What sort of creative Wales do we want to see by 2020 and how do we get there?" In subsequent Sgwrs we have updated our thinking and shared the emerging ideas again at our annual conference in 2013.

We have used our website and worked with Culture Colony to capture these discussions and approaches. We have held open online threads to continue discussions and we have published responses to topics along the way. Over 70 discussion topics in our Open Space sessions were framed in ten challenges. As council has done its work, so the key areas where it felt it could make a difference have emerged in Inspire.


Distilled from this process and Council’s discussions of what it is important we concentrate on and aim for, we presented this strategy for consultation.

pdf - logo smallInspire... our strategy for Creativity and the Arts in Wales - Consultation Document

After an extensive period of interaction through our Sgwrs gatherings, formal consultation on Inspire: our strategy for Creativity and the Arts closed on 30th April 2014.

Council considered the responses to the strategy and the topics raised by respondents at its Council meeting in May 2014.

The consultation provided us with a wide range of useful and thoughtful insights. These were warmly welcomed and Council expressed its appreciation of the time and effort taken by individuals and organisations to respond to this consultation. Council’s response can be download here:

Inspire our Strategy for Creativity and the Arts In Wales: Council’s Response to the Consultation(282k)

Inspire in its finalised form was published in October 2014.

Capturing Discussions

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