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As a public body we, and the activities that we support, should be accessible to everyone in Wales.

Equalities must be at the heart of our work. Equalities are a moral, social, creative and cultural imperative. We’re committed to reaching out to the many diverse communities across Wales.

But our challenge is to ensure that we don’t falter as recession and economic austerity bite.

So we redouble our efforts to reach out further and not be satisfied with the established audience for the arts, or the ways that art is made and shared. The potential is, as ever, greater than the actuality.

To Reach is to touch, to engage, to encounter. It is also, in some sense, a determination to go beyond the easy and the obvious, to remove the impediments that might otherwise form a barrier. And if the benefits of the arts are so important and life enhancing, it must be the case that our contemporary society such benefits should be available to all.

Registered Charity Number 1034245