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Andre Stitt

Andre Stitt

Andre StittAbout the Artist

Born in Belfast, in 1958, Andre Stitt has worked as an experimental artist since 1976, creating unique works at major galleries and site specific pieces across the world.

A predominate theme in his artistic output is that of communities and their dissolution, often relating to civil conflict and art as a redemptive proposition.

His reputation was founded on his international career as a performance artist, although he originally trained as a painter. In recent years he has re-focused his practice on the materials, processes and performance of painting.

He is Professor of Interdisciplinary Art at Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University and has previously curated numerous projects and exhibitions as director at Trace Gallery in Cardiff.

The Proposal

big_pinkoAndre wishes to explore the relationship between painting and installation art and to develop this understanding through large-scale abstract painting. He sees this exploration as having a relationship with notions of our interaction with art and how installation art environments might provide contemplative experiences in specifically defined architectural spaces.

Having previously placed paintings in site specific locations in West Wales and through a project in New York, Andre has become interested in the relationship of paintings to specific locations and environments. He wishes to explore and develop this further through large-scale paintings as bodies of work that can be primarily experienced in new and different ways through controlled installations.

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