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Natalia Dias

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Natalia Dias - portraitOriginally from Portugal, Natalia moved to Britain in 2001 to pursue her creative career. She originally studied restoration and decorative studies at Portsmouth University, where she was introduced to clay and fell in love with the material. It was this new-found passion for ceramics that brought Natalia to Wales and in 2009 gained her a First Class Honours degree in Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Upon graduating she was awarded the graduate scholarship at Fireworks Clay studios and has since established herself as a permanent member of the studios.

Bridging craft and Fine Art, Natalia’s practice focuses on the human condition, alchemy, nature, love, life and death.

In her ceramic sculptures and installations Natalia uses metaphor and beauty to project the viewer to a dreamscape of sensuality, magic and hyperrealism; always with a surreal and visceral mix of fact and fantasy.

Natalia’s work creates a resonant, sublime and poetic feeling in the viewer while also taking them on a darker voyage. She expresses the brittle transiency of life and its humble beauty; the pure fact of matter from the minute to the infinite and its eternal ephemera.

Her unique sculptural pieces take hundreds of hours, a lot of tenacity and technical skill to accomplish. But it's the love that Natalia has for constantly experimenting and pushing boundaries with her making techniques that keeps her infused with passion for working with such challenging material as clay.


Natalia Dias - Germ (detail)Ceramic is fragile and at times has a self-destructive nature. Instead of seeing this as a weakness within the material and process she has developed a fascination for it which led her to develop a technique whereby the finished and fired work of art self-destroys within a relatively short period of time, about one week.

Natalia currently feels at a departure point in her career. As well as the more traditional way of making and presenting craft, she has become increasingly interested in trans-disciplinary approaches of working and in extending her practice into other sectors of the arts. She has begun to explore the synergies between the time-based processes of her making and the time-based perception of film and would also like to investigate the possibilities that Kiln-formed glass and 3D printing could bring to her practice.

Natalia is interested in transforming the poetic narratives, which she usually creates in a still sculptural form, into motion and explore the hybridity between objects and film. Digital and traditional films offer unique possibilities of expression; the ability to capture creation and destruction, material and time-based transformations and the possible performative qualities of the material.

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Natalia Dias - Germ
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