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Gareth Clark

About the Artist

Gareth Clark - PortraitGareth is best known as one half of Mr and Mrs Clark, a company he established with Marega Palser in 2005. The Clarks have presented their unique brand of dance theatre across the UK, Europe and into North America with recent international collaborations in New York and Morocco.

Gareth's interest in finding ways of connecting artists to the community in Newport lead him to produce and direct The Meeting in 2012. The Meeting directly reflected the words and thoughts of the community through an exhibition, tour and performance based on the current state of the city. The project involved 29 local artists and as a result Gareth has been instrumental in setting up Newport International Airspace, a mixed media arts collective established to promote creative industries.

He continues to develop his own creative journey, undertaking guest lecturing roles at universities in Wales and through community workshops and performance pieces for Wales Millennium Centre, National Theatre Wales, Cape Town Opera and Hijinx Theatre Company.

Gareth is a company director with Mr and Mrs Clark, a founding member of Newport International Airspace and an associate artist of Volcano Theatre Company. He lives in Newport, likes football and is a fair weather cyclist.


To embrace risk and investment Gareth feels he must expose, confront and challenge his own perceptions, opinions and experiences.

Gareth ClarkTo mark the beginning of the process he wants to take the opportunity to remove himself from the everyday comforts and conventions of life and put himself in a place to contemplate and reflect.

Recently Gareth walked across the Transporter Bridge in Newport and realised he was afraid of heights. As he inched across the cage-like structure that formed the walkway metres above the river he felt very present, alert and afraid.

Gareth was inspired by this sense of fear and was happy to embrace that moment, although he soon focused on reaching the other side. It was not his intention to put himself in a place of risk however it felt risky due to the commitment he placed in completing the crossing.

In developing his own performance work Gareth wants to explore these elements of personal investment and encourage others to do so from participating in or observing the experience. He is inspired by the words of Tim Etchells,

"Investment draws us in. Something is happening, real and therefore risked, something seems to slip across from the private world to the public one – and the performers are ‘left open’ or ‘left exposed’" (Speaking on Contemporary Performance, May 1994).

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Gareth Clarke - For Mountain, Sand and Sea a National Theatre Wales production, Barmouth
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