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Cai TomosCai Tomos is a movement artist and choreographer. He has worked both nationally and internationally as a dancer, choreographer and movement director. His work is influenced by his preoccupation with the psychological and psychosocial aspects related to dance and dancing; it includes performance and instillation. He works within the field of dance, performance, education, mental health and community arts in the UK.

His work is deeply rooted in exploring notions of place, memory and the body with reference to the personal and the collective stories which the body holds. Improvisational dance practices are the foundation of his creative process. Community dance practice is at the heart of his work, alongside his solo performance work.

Cai runs a performance company for older people and has worked in the field of dance and dementia with various research projects. He is particularly inspired by the work of Anna Halprin, which emphasizes the therapeutic aspects related to dance and performance rituals.

Cai has recently qualified as an Art Psychotherapist and works in the field of mental health. He is associate artist at Galeri Caernarfon, is a lecturer at the University of Chichester and is based in London.


The Creative Wales Award will center on Cai’s artistic preoccupation with investigating the notion of the ‘autobiographical body’.

Cai Tomos - LOSTHe has always been interested in working with the non-trained dancing body. His interest stems from his own search for a physical language that is, at times, far away from athleticism and spectacle that we tend to associate with dance and often value in our culture. The spectacle of honesty and embodiment, the micro rather than the macro will be the focal point in this work.

This Creative Wales Award will give Cai an opportunity to look in more depth at the complexities involved in searching for honesty through choreographic, collaborative and creative dialogues.

It will be a task of revealing something hidden, of making space for the emergence of authenticity. This is often linked to the process of articulating the stories of the body through un-censoring the body and liberating those stories through movement. In the absence of words, the personal, cultural and political stories of these bodies will be revealed and witnessed.

The project will involve devising and creating 3 solos with participants of various ages. The work will be performed to an invited audience of friends and family of the performers who will bear witness to their solos. The creative process will be documented through film and writing, and will be disseminated and presented publicly at the culmination of the project.

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