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Zoë Gingell

Visual Arts

Zoë GingellSince studying for a BA Fine Art in London in the early 90’s, using painting and photography to explore issues surrounding self-identity, biographical narrative has underpinned all of Zoë’s practice, whilst extending her work across many media, from theatre set design to film direction.

In 2002, she set up the film company Twosome Films with her twin sister Christabel, and they wrote, produced and directed several short films with Arts Council of Wales funding.

On becoming a Mother in 2004, the focus of her creativity became firmly placed in the realm of the domestic.

She co-founded the Mothersuckers Project in 2008 with Eve Dent, exhibiting new collaborative work and co-curating group exhibitions of artists whose practice has also been shaped by ideas around parenthood. Furthermore she has begun to make artwork with the involvement of her partner Josh Leeson and her two children.


Zoë Gingell - Jelly BellyZoë will use this Creative Wales Award to bring together thematic elements that have emerged in her life and work, using materials that maintain a personal resonance, alongside new technology.

Motherhood and Death, time past, time present would meet within an overarching framework, a living wall.

An obsession with stone walling which Zoë shared with her father, the physical contemplation of every piece, chosen and held; involved both skill and an act of faith that feeling and engineering could combine.

It is her wish to build her own structure, (which will find its eventual form in mass unison). She will begin by describing and developing the unit, that first brick, drawing motifs, experimenting with the surface fabric, crafting one building block, the cell or vehicle of the wallʼs growth.

From this begins an exploration of where, biographically, our worlds meet or diverge in life and in practice through the method, the attempts and investigation into the construction of units of fragile permanence.

By bringing materials of delicacy such as hand drawn lace into a rigid form, a container of memory interacting to appear as a sensitive ʻspeakerʼ with the viewer or lighting and sound participant in a sense of shared narrative, we are informed through personal understanding and expression of the threshold between the continuance of lives lived / legacy, its storage, as it is held up beyond us, in testament.

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