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Tomos Williams


Tomos Williams - TrumpetBorn in Aberystwyth, Tomos has lived in Cardiff since the turn of the century.

He is a trumpeter in a number of different musical combinations. He is a member of the groundbreaking folk band, Fernhill, who have performed throughout Europe and beyond. He leads the jazz/folk sextet, Burum, which combines traditional Welsh melodies with a modern jazz style.

He has also worked closely with triple harpist, Llio Rhydderch, the writer Jon Gower, and a number of other musicians and writers.

He graduated from the University of Nottingham and Goldsmiths College, London before taking a Jazz Post Graduate Diploma course at the Royal College of Music and Drama, Cardiff.

Description of his Creative Wales Project

Up to this point in his career Tomos has focused on working with musicians and other artists but it is now time to consider what he has to offer as an individual musician - to capture and weave past experiences into ways of performing as an individual and individualistically.

Over the years he has developed boundaries that define what is, to him, acceptable and relevant - things that make him a 'musician'. He now hopes to demolish these boundaries.

In addition to music (which will be an integral part of any creative development), Tomos has a keen interest in elements of literature, poetry, film and visual arts in his work. He also intends to engage seriously with the possibilities arising from the use of electronic effects in his performances.

Tomos will receive a series of lessons from an international trumpeter and theatre performer and set aside some time to develop his craft, related to the above possibilities.

Getting a Creative Wales award will enable him to pursue his creative development by focusing on his role as a performer without enslaving himself to genre boundaries and his expression will benefit from incorporating elements of other artistic disciplines.

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