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Peter Reynolds


Peter ReynoldsStillness, simplicity, an occasional playfulness and a tendency to set unusual texts can be found in the music of Cardiff-born Peter Reynolds. His music avoids large rhetorical forms and is often fashioned on a small-scale.

He formed PM Music Ensemble in 1991, was Artistic Director of the Lower Machen Festival (1997-2009), is a writer of music, a part-member of the music staff at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and, currently, Composer-in-Residence with the Young Composer of Dyfed scheme.

Last year Monmouth Festival commissioned his Second String Quartet and he is currently working on a commission for cello and string orchestra for this year’s Lower Machen Festival.

Composition in New Environments

Composers are often primarily concerned with the substance and language of musical thought and rarely consider how music is experienced or what it becomes when separated from traditional performance spaces.

Peter’s application for a Creative Wales Award is concerned with exploring, researching and making work outside the spaces where music-making usually takes place: to find new environments, new cross-artform relationships and new ways of working that will open doors to, and form a basis for, future work.

Central to the activity is the relationship between music, architecture and landscape.

The intention is not to create music representational of specific sites or places but where structure and content will arise from the premise and characteristics of buildings and places where it is heard and feedback into these locations.

Peter plans to explore this idea in three different stages:

  • Music responding to and heard in ancient and, at times, remote locations.
  • An installation project, using elements of live performance drawn from aspects of landscape, focusing on a mobile alfresco performance with structural principles based on the location itself.
  • A temporary exhibition built from aspects of the above three stages using and explore music technology.

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