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Paul Granjon

Paul Granjon

Arts/Multi-disciplinary arts

Paul Granjon 2Born in Lyon, France, Paul received a BA in Fine-Art in Marseille (France).

He moved to the UK in 1995 and now teaches part-time on the BA Fine-Art course in Cardiff School of Art and Design. Initially working with video, he has since1999 developed and shown internationally live performances and exhibitions with hand-made robots.

He was awarded a Nesta (National endowment for science, technology and the arts) Fellowship (2004-2007) and was one of the artists representing Wales in the Venice Biennale in 2005.

Paul’s recent work often includes home-manufacturing technologies and participation. His work features in the collections of the Arts Council of England and MUDAM Luxemburg.

Exploring arts and creative technology initiatives for alternative futures

Paul Granjon - ebemu 2Observing and understanding socio-technological aspects of contemporary society and the world has always been the main inspiration for Paul’s work.

He disseminates his reflections mostly with self-made machines, words and actions that comment on current technological developments and their effects on humans.

An increased awareness of the challenges facing the planet and its inhabitants are now shifting the focus of his practice. He now feels the need to aim for a more effective impact on society and intends to contribute with his art and creative technology expertise to the exploration of alternative futures and to the dissemination of possible solutions.

Paul’s plan is to use the Creative Wales Award to research ongoing experiments with up-cycled technologies and theories in alternative social systems, identifying case study individuals and organisations to contact and visit in the UK and abroad.

He will also experiment with electronic circuits and rapid prototyping methods aiming to facilitate the inclusion of commonly found electronic parts in installations, workshop projects and sustainable energy systems.

The information collected and the contacts developed will inform a programme of activities beyond the award period.

The activities include, for example, durational experiments, collaborative research and development periods, sustainable exhibitions, participative activities involving local recycling facilities, international exchanges and online dissemination.

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