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John Norton

John Norton

Arts/Multi-disciplinary arts

John Norton 2John Norton is an actor, DJ and producer. He gained a BA in Drama from Manchester University in 1993

He has lived and worked in France and Spain before moving to Cardiff in 2002, where he founded Give It A Name, producing and performing in : A Bucket Rider, Utah Blue, Heart of Darkness, Rude! and My Life In CIA.

John also produced Meridian Stories – an audio project in the UK, Spain, Mali and Burkina Faso

As a DJ he has warmed up for Gil Scott Heron and Leonard Cohen, and been played on BBC Radio1.

Immersive Sound For Theatre

John Norton - RudeJohn will use this Creative Wales Award to experiment with techniques and technologies of sound recording and transmission.

These experiments will aim to develop immersive audio tools and methods for theatre: drawing inspiration and information from the worlds of music, wildlife recording, film, and psychoacoustics (the science of the perception of sound).

He will divide his research into 2 areas:

1. Surround Sound: Sound Theatre in the Cinema

Working in conjunction with Chapter Cinema, using combinations of live and pre-recorded audio, John will explore ways of exploiting surround sound technologies for theatre.

2 . Ambient and Binaural Sound: adventures in headphone theatre and audio 3D.

The average listener can locate sound horizontally within 1 degree of accuracy. Our phenomenal ability to locate sound is an ancestral survival mechanism. He proposes to tap into this native ability, and manipulate it.

By working with engineers and cutting edge 3D recording methods, combining technical explorations with site specific performances and transmissions, John will attempt to develop new and exciting ways of using sound in located (and dislocated) performance.

John will also explore immersive sound in purpose built spaces, and spend time visiting and working with specialists in recording and sound art.

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