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Davida Hewlett

Davida Hewlett

Visual Arts

Davida Hewlett 2Davida grew up in Canada and Liverpool, completed her studies at Dartington College of Arts, and now lives and works in Cardiff.

Her practice encompasses such diverse elements as touring site-specific pop songs and home alone / low-fi videos, artist survival manuals, full scale musical extravaganzas and participatory events including day time discos.

Her work has been commissioned by, and shown at, many theatres, clubs, festivals and arts galleries across the UK and internationally.

Davida is Associate Tutor at Cardiff School of Art and Design, and leads the 'Introduction Performance Art' course at Chapter Arts Centre.

...and How to Make Time?

Davida Hewlett - 1Research and discourse surrounding the systems, processes, and conditions involved in the production of art work, and the integration of life and art, combined with a process-based approach are partly tactical survival strategies, but nevertheless, underpin Davida’s practice, research, and pedagogical approaches.

The Creative Wales Award period allows for Davida to have time to evaluate, develop and consolidate/integrate the various elements of her practice.

In part this will be done through dialogue with pioneers of socially engaged and pedagogical practice, seminal international female artists, and contemporary models/ interdisciplinary projects; all engaged in 'living research' - exploring the domestic and social sphere to imagine new forms of living and working in common.

This will include working practically with 93 year old Anna Halprin, employing her creative methodologies for collaboration towards the development of new work, including participatory scores for audiences, and making this transferable to Davida’s local and artistic community.

The future direction she would like to pursue lends itself to an object based/studio practice. Davida will use this award to initiate a period of material experimentation, refreshing skills and consolidating working methods, in order to develop a more sustainable and widely disseminated practice.

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