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Claudia Lis

Claudia Lis

Applied Arts and Craft

Claudia LisClaudia Lis trained as ceramicist in an award-winning German studio and concluded her three-year apprenticeship successfully in 1996.

Subsequently she was awarded a ‘Leonardo da Vinci Travel Bursary’, which enabled her to move to the UK, where she worked for seven years as first assistant to Rupert Spira before setting up her own studio in Wales in 2004.

At the core of Claudia’s quiet body of celadon wares - inspired by examples of Oriental ceramics - lies an understated aesthetic that brings together opposing forces such as randomness and control, immaculate surface and blemish, subtle colours and harsh contrast.

By uniting them in one piece she stresses the complimentary character of these opposites and the potential for beauty and reconciliation that lies within these unresolved tensions.

Claudia is a selected member of the C.A.A. and a Fellow of the C.P.A.

Experimental Surface

Claudia Lis - Experimental Surface 1With the proposed project, titled ‘Experimental Surface’ Claudia sets out to explore the complex relationship between the three-dimensional ceramic object and its surface in numerous permutations.

Her work during this period of creative development will show a strong emphasis on free experimentation in different ways of coating, staining, making inclusions and texturing surfaces on a variety of clay bodies.

Whilst in the first phase ceramic surface is examined as abstract entity, the second phase aims to re-introduce the challenge of linking the discovered surface finishes with the development of new shapes.

The introduction of hand-building techniques, such as coiling and slab-building will inspire a sculptural approach and enable the search for new ways of expression that transcend the rotation-symmetry of Claudia’s currently wheel-thrown work.

The intrinsic unpredictability of fired ceramic surfaces, due to multiple variables, makes this a challenging project with extensive scope for creative discovery. Claudia’s work will lay the technical, aesthetical and creative foundations for the future development of a new body of exhibition pieces.

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