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Ann Catrin Evans

Ann Catrin Evans

Applied Arts and Craft

Ann Catrin EvansAnn Catrin Evans is an experienced maker of sculptural and functional objects of desire, mostly in metal, for private and public clients.

She has exhibited in Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and Brussels to name but a few locations.

Ann teaches 3D design and skills at colleges such as Haystack School of Crafts, Maine, as well as from her studio in North Wales.

Mainly working in iron and steel, she works on large-scale architectural projects and public artworks, as well as small fine sculptural pieces of jewellery. She has been a practicing professional for 24 years.

Her most significant project was with the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay where her bronze and aluminium door furniture adorn the external and auditorium doors.

Iron Connections

For Ann there is no time more appropriate than now to receive a Creative Wales Award. She needs to find a new way of working, away from heavy forging, since a serious Road Traffic Accident four years ago.

Ann Catrin Evans - Colar AgosAnn wishes to explore new ways of combining different materials together with iron; Wood, Leather, Ceramics, Textiles and Precious Metals. She will do this by exploring the constraints, characteristics and nature of contrasting materials, devising innovative ways of connecting them together.

She wants to create unique sculptural functional objects, showing a variety of textures, colours and surfaces, enhancing and revealing the true nature of opposing materials, creating interesting 3D forms.

Historically, Ann has used iron in a bold and chunky way, requiring physical stamina and strength. After having to recently alter her style she has now started using it more delicately, using lighter stock and finer raw materials.

Her intension for this project is to go back to the early days of training, where she combined materials with differing properties together, e.g. using ceramic with iron in door handles. The intension is to create innovative connections between them.

Through research of traditional armour, studying her contemporaries, and learning new skills in collaboration with educational establishments Ann hope to create a range of beautiful sculptural and functional items.

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