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Tilla Waters

Applied Arts and Craft

James-and-Tilla-WatersTilla Waters practices as a ceramicist in partnership with her husband, James.

She met James in 1998 as she undertook an apprenticeship with the potter Rupert Spira.

In 2002 Tilla and James set up their own workshop in a converted cowshed in rural Carmarthenshire. Since then, alongside bringing up three daughters, they have been developing their ceramics.

The functional wares created have achieved increasing success. Their qualities of strong, simple forms and a restrained yet striking use of colour were recognised in 2011 when James and Tilla were winners of the Wesley Barrell Craft Award.

Tilla and James are Fine Art graduates. She studied painting at Bath and he at The Slade. Recent work sees them return to more painterly and sculptural concerns.

They both have been invited to show early examples of new work at Collect with Ruthin Craft Centre in 2012.

"Cylindrical Forms"

sketches-james-and-Tilla-WatersThe project will enable Tilla, along with her husband James, to temporarily suspend production of their usual, functional work and invest time and materials into a more expressive direction which was started in 2010. This new direction is called "Cylindrical Forms".

The project will demand a greater creative input from James and so change and extend the character of their collaborative relationship. They will be formulating their own coloured clay to throw on the wheel as this will allow a much fresher and more immediate approach to creativity.

A recurring idea in this work is a horizontal division, juxtaposing and contrasting two areas or elements which create a sense of energy or dynamic tension.

The cylinders often show parallels with landscape but do not seek to represent it. The contrast of calm with activity is constantly present in the world: a television screen being on or off; ground and sky or even life and death.

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