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Jain Boon

Jain Boon


Jain-BoonJain Boon graduated from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama 25 years ago and is passionate about theatre for young people. Until recently she was the Associate Director of Gwent Theatre having performed and directed for the company for 19 years.

Jain teaches on the Young Actor’s Studio Course at RWCMD and directs for Gwent Young People’s Theatre.

In 2010 she was chosen to take part in WILLOW, a Women in Leadership project funded by the Cultural Leadership Programme.

Jain was recently invited to the ASSITEJ Festival in Romania to talk about theatre and schools.


jain-boon-productionFor the next six months Jain will explore the world of physical theatre to enhance her directing skills.

She is searching for a new theatrical language which will for the time being take her away from an intellectual Stanislavsky based process and move the emphasis to creating theatre through the body, a language that will speak directly to the heart of the actor on a deep somatic level.

Jain intends to create a rehearsal ‘toolkit’ of games and exercises to devise theatre with and without the spoken word. She will spend time with nationally and internationally recognized practitioners, observing and in some cases being a part of the devising process. She will also take part in practical workshop sessions.

Having investigated this new language she intends to form a cross-cultural partnership.

Jain is searching for new possibilities, elements of surprise and the unusual.

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