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Creative Wales Awards 2011/12

Craig Wood

Visual Arts

Craig-WoodCraig Wood was born in Edinburgh and studied art at Dyfed College of Art, Carmarthen and Goldsmiths College, London.

He has exhibited widely in continental Europe and beyond and has enjoyed commercial representation in London, Paris and Turin.

Craig has been awarded the DAAD residency in Berlin and the Gregory Fellow in Sculpture at the University of Leeds.

His practice over 20 years can be described as site specific, socially engaged and multi-disciplinary.

Most recently, Craig has explored the range of possibilities offered through collaboration, particularly with friends and members of his family.


An exploration into the creative use of text.

Craig-wood-From_under_glass_Mostyn_detail_we_have_the_mirrorsCraig has used text as an element in much of his recent work and intends to use this Creative Wales Award to fully explore and expand upon the possibilities afforded by this aspect of his practice.

It will be an exploration of text and the myriad ways in which it creates and informs the world in which we live; as a multi-disciplinary work moving in and out of text with great fluidity and freedom.

Text itself may be the constant but materials, methods and modes of practice, offer opportunities for infinite experimentation. This will include a range of printed formats both physical and virtual, as well as audio and written work, to be developed through individual and collaborative practice.

In addition, he proposes to utilise his experience as a site specific artist to explore the context and modes of dissemination for these outcomes. To paraphrase Rosalind Krauss: working with Text in the Expanded Field.

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