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Ingrid Murphy

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Ingrid Murphy

Ingrid Murphy was born in County Cork, Ireland, but has been living and working in Wales since 1990. As a practicing ceramicist she has exhibited internationally and curated the inaugural show at British Ceramic Museum, Fu Le International Ceramic Museums Fuping, China (2008).

Ingrid is winner of both the University of Glamorgan Purchase Prize for Ceramics and the Prix Select at AIR Vallauris. She is also the Course Director for BA Ceramics at the National Centre for Ceramics Wales, UWIC and co-founder of La Perdrix Art Centre, Dordogne, France.

The Project

Cup: Ingrid MurphyIn this project Ingrid aims to explore the potential of creating material art through post material means. We are living in an age frequently described as post-material, and yet as a ceramicist whose practice is firmly rooted in materiality she finds the advent of haptic technologies, gestural interface and 3D Ceramic printing are presenting unique opportunities for a, yet unseen, permeability between the handmade and the digital.

This Creative Wales Award would enable her to access technologies and processes that are completely innovative within the field of ceramics practice. Working with sound technologists and engineers Ingrid aims to use scanning and haptic technologies to explore the potential of form becoming sound and sound creating form.

By exploring the potential of the innovative development of 3D printing in clay, she will be able to create ceramic forms that were hitherto impossible to construct.

Every effort will be made to use free ‘open source’ material, and in keeping with ‘open source’ ideology she intends to create a resource which can be accessed for use by other practitioners.

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