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David Cushway

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Biography5.Vessel; David Cushway

David’s work is underpinned by a fascination with clay as a medium; the history of clay use is the history of humanity; it is the material that binds us to the earth that we inhabit. The constant cycle of life and death are recurring themes within his practice, and the use of his own body within a figurative narrative reflects this. Ceramics has defined humankind’s spiritual and cultural aspirations since time immemorial.

The artist’s practice has gained wider acceptance in this country within the ceramics/craft arena and as an exhibiting artist he has gained increasing international recognition throughout Europe and America.

The Project

Balance: David CushwayDavid Cushway’s proposal for the Creative Wales Award is to develop his ceramic practice in new and alternative ways using new media, installation and performance:

Figurative drawing will be developed into life size images, and large-scale installations and environments, experimenting with the format and process of drawing and the parameters of the drawn image. Using clay, water and charcoal as mediums this will reference the most ancient method of abstract thought and communication using the most primal of materials.

Adamah’ is an idea for a series of life size cibachrome photographs and moving image experiments of the body coated in red clay. The title Adamah is ancient Hebrew and it translates as ground or earth, related to adom, which means red. The photographs/moving image work will reference Renaissance paintings of Adam in the Garden of Eden, by painters such as Lucas Cranach and Titian.

‘Know that dust was once a man like thee’- a quotation from Richard Henry Stoddards’ The Abdication of No Man. David wants to experiment with a series of clay dust films which will require the casts of parts of the body made from clay dust, pressed into moulds and then destroyed with large industrial fans.

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