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Bedwyr Williams

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BiographyBedwyr Williams

Williams’ work includes stand-up comedy, sculpture and painting, posters and photography. He draws on his own experiences and his take on the world is simultaneously satirical and deadly serious. He reveals both his and our own complex neurosis and idiosyncrasies. His installation, text based works and live performances explore subject matter ranging from growing up in Colwyn Bay with size 13 feet, to a mini bus crash with four other artists in residence (in which he is the only survivor). He makes work relevant to a sense of place and belonging but simultaneously refuses to be compromised or pigeon-holed by provincial tastes or stereotypes.

The Project: Agroculture

Cantre'r Gwaelod: Bedwyr WilliamsLoosely working with the theme of agriculture in its widest sense, Bedwyr would like to develop new methods of working that in some way reflect and react to the farming world which is disappearing glacier-like from our everyday lives. This project is not a misty-eyed sentimental ode to farming by any means. It might include any of the following:

Gothic Farmers, tractors that create relief prints, countryside crafts pushed to their limits, hardcore barn dances, wheat sheaves, City farms, farmers with Llamas, ostrich burgers, body-warmers, Agri-bodybuilders, milk churns, aggressive off-roaders, corn dollies, beetle-drives, hobnailed boots, stray sheep, agricultural tans.........

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Registered Charity Number 1034245