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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Go and See and Creative Collaborations

Go and See FAQs

How long will it take to hear back about my application?

We endeavour to get back to you within 3 weeks of the date you apply.

Can you cover the cost of refreshments?

No, this fund is valid for covering the cost of tickets and transport, or workshops and materials, for example. We cannot support requests to cover subsistence cost, or any capital expenditure.

Can I purchase tickets in advance of applying?

No, this fund is to cover the cost of high quality arts experiences that would not be able to take place without the use of this grant. Tickets may be purchased once you have been informed that the grant has been awarded, if you school is able to cover the cost prior to the actual funds entering the school account this is fine. We are unable to support activity that is already planned or already taking place. We cannot retrospectively fund Go and See experiences.

Can I apply for trips outside of Wales?

As a rule, this is a no. However under very exceptional circumstances, and if you are able to clearly detail why a specific high quality arts experience would need to happen outside of Wales, the panel may be able to consider this.

Can I have more than one application open at once?

If you have previously been awarded a Go & See grant, you will need to have sent us an evaluation report in order to close that grant before applying for a new one.

Can this grant be used for Arts Organisations or artists to come into schools?

The aim of this fund is for pupils to experience high quality arts, within high quality arts venues outside of the school and classroom environment.

How do we contribute the minimum 10% match funding?

Match funding is not to be sent directly to us, we expect this 10% match to come through school funds, in-kind costs or fundraising as an example.

What about if I don’t have an exact date for the trip?

This doesn’t stop you from applying, but should your application be approved then as a condition of grant you will be asked to provide an exact date.

Can Lead Creative Schools access this funding?

Yes, any maintained school may apply for a Go & See grant.

Creative Collaborations

Can this grant be used to fund an already existing project between the school and an arts organisation?

At the core of Creative Collaborations runs innovation, we would encourage both schools and arts organisation(s) to engage in new collaborations or if building on existing relationships, then a level of originality will need to be clearly identified and detailed in the application.

Can arts organisations approach schools to apply for this grant in order to fund an existing service?

Creative Collaborations grants are not available to fund ‘business as usual’ services currently delivered to schools by arts organisations. Grants will only be awarded to bespoke collaborative projects.

Can Lead Creative Schools access this funding?

This funding is not available for active Lead Creative Schools, however previous Lead Creative Schools that are no longer receiving funding are able to apply.

Can I talk to a funding officer about my application?

Yes, feel free to email to arrange a call with a member of our team.

What makes a strong application?

  • Evidence of innovation.
  • Evidence of true collaboration between all partners.
  • Letters of support.
  • Clear and detailed budget.
  • Well considered project timeline.

How long after the application deadline will I find out whether the grant has been awarded?

Please allow up to 8 weeks following the application deadline to hear about the decision.

We are an arts organisation that provides a tried and tested service to schools in our area, can we encourage schools to use this fund for us to deliver this ongoing service?

No, this fund is designed to support new collaboratively designed projects.

Can this fund be used for colleges?

This fund is for schools and maintained nurseries only.

Can this fund be used for nurseries?

Yes, but only state maintained ‘rising 3’ nursery schools – this is funding is not available for privately funded day care.

Do we need to include letters of support?

Yes, the panel will need clear evidence that all collaborative parties are in support of the application, and will need to understand from your application to role that each collaborating partner will play in the activity.

Can the 10% match funding be an in kind contribution?


Can an arts/cultural organisation collaborate with multiple schools and submit multiple applications?

Yes, although each application will need to display innovation in its own right. Each application must be bespoke and tailored to the proposed collaboration.

Who can apply for Creative Collaborations?

Schools and arts organisations.

What type of arts/cultural organisations can apply for Creative Collaborations?

High quality arts/ cultural organisations with a proven track record delivery.

Can heritage venues / museums apply?

Yes, in collaboration with schools.

Can arts/cultural organisation with live Lottery grants apply?


Does the arts/cultural organisation need to be based in Wales?


Can individuals apply?

We cannot consider applications from individuals

Can the grant be used towards funding pre-existing activity i.e. a workshop package?

No, Creative Collaboration grants are only for new activity.

Can the grant be used for activity that has already started?

No, funding is only available for projects that would not be able to take place without this grant.

Can the grant be used to purchase software?

Only in exceptional circumstances where relevant software is essential to the proposed project activity.

Can the grant be used to purchase equipment?

We cannot support any capital expenditure through Creative Collaborations.

Does the activity need to take place in school?

No, activity can happen wherever is best!

Can an application be made for activity that spans two academic years?

Yes, details of why the activity needs to span two academic years needs to be clearly detailed in the application.

If successful, how can we promote our Creative Collaborations grant?

Wide and far! Feel free to send information to and we can share your work on social media. Take great, high quality images of your project –we are always hungry for fabulous case studies. Share images and videos on your school/ arts organisation social media and copy us in so that we can promote you too.

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