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Arts Portfolio Wales' Resilience Programme

What is the Resilience Programme?

These are challenging times, particularly for arts organisations.

This programme is not simply about an additional one off investment of cash. We don’t think this is necessarily the most effective way to drive change and future proof organisations.

Instead, we want to use this opportunity to explore the issues and, hopefully, to find solutions together. There could potentially be some investment at a later stage but this is not the starting point for the programme.

Who can apply to the Resilience Programme?

Only members of the Arts Portfolio Wales are eligible to express an interest.

Programme details

It is not currently possible to apply to the Resilience Programme. You can read the Resilience Programme document below, for reference.

Arts Portfolio Wales Resilience Programme

Photos below and above: Robyn Woolston, STRIKE Penrhyn (2016)

Artist: Robyn Woolston
Arts Portfolio Wales

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