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Inside your organisation

Your Board is the body that sets the direction of the organisation and so will be crucial to deciding whether diversity and inclusion is going to be a meaningful part of that strategy or not. For diversity practice to improve throughout your organisation, support from the top is vital. If the Board does not support such a direction, improvements are likely to be piecemeal and far less effective, if they happen at all.

Remember, your Board itself can be one source of your diversity, one source of your contact with different communities, one source of expertise in how to do things differently. Having diverse representation on your Board is not only a powerful signal of ethos and commitment to equality it can bring to the table vital knowledge and expertise.

SWICA’s board is a good example of this.

Further Reading

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  • Link to examples
  • Lessons learned
  • Questions to discuss
  • Other handy tips about:
    • Actions speak louder than words
    • Person specifications/requirements
    • Knowledge and experience of Board members

Download the Equality Guide

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