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Audiences and Marketing - Useful Resources

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Research and Audience Data

Area Profile Reports contain a rich depth of information describing arts attendance patterns among the population of a defined area. Reports are available from Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.

The Audiences UK website has a range of resources that provide guidance and clarification related to the gathering and analysing of audience and visitor data including:

  • A-Z Jargon Buster – a comprehensive set of clear definitions of commonly used terms in audience research
  • A Guide to Desk Researching Audience and Visitor Data - an overview of some of the most useful, readily available secondary sources of information.
  • Artform Classifiers - a proposed three-tier art form classification system that can be adopted by arts organisations
  • Data Ownership Guidelines, Data Ownership Pilot Programme and Data Sharing Studies examine the issues surrounding the sharing of data between venues and companies
  • Commissioning Market Research – Writing a Research Brief – advise on preparing a research brief
  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation Tools
  • Monitoring Audience Diversity
  • Walk Ups, Advance Bookers and Non-Bookers – a study researching whether box office data is a true reflection of audiences

The Office of National Statistics provides access to a wealth of data, largely based on census data. Particularly useful is the Neighbourhood Statistics section where you can download statistics relating to a particular ward, local authority or output area.

Practical Guides and Toolkits

The following publications are available from the websites listed below.

Arts Council of Wales

Why What When and How to do a Business Plan?

Writing Your Marketing and Communications Plan

Arts Council of England

  • Family Friendly Toolkit
  • A Practical Guide to Developing and Managing Websites
  • A Practical Guide to working with Arts Ambassadors
  • Marketing and Touring: A practical guide to marketing an event on tour

Arts Marketing Association

  • Arts Marketing Standards toolkits
  • Selection of Case Studies (members only)
  • Journal of Arts Marketing (JAM) (members only)

Information Commissioners Office

  • Data Protection Act

Voluntary Arts Network

  • VA Briefings cover a wide range of subjects (subscribers only)
Culture Hive

Events, Conferences and Training

The Arts Council of Wales annual marketing symposium is open to all. To ensure you receive details of the next symposium, sign up to the e-mailing list. Presentations from previous Arts Council of Wales symposia can be viewed here

The Arts Marketing Association runs a busy programme of conferences, training days, workshops, seminars and networking meetings

The Chartered Institute of Marketing offers training towards accredited qualifications in addition to ongoing advice and support, events and networking opportunities

Useful Organisations


AD:uk (formerly nalgao - National Association of Local Government Arts Officers) is the leading body for arts development professionals with a membership drawn from local authorities and those working in the creative industries sector in England and Wales.

Arts Marketing Association

The Arts Marketing Association (AMA) is the professional development organisations working with arts professionals who are passionate about bring arts and audiences together.

Association of British Orchestras

The Association of British Orchestras (ABO) exists to support, promote and advance the interests and activities of professional orchestras in the UK.

Audiences UK

Audiences UK is the national network of Audience Development Agencies. The organisation’s website offers free access to a range of publications providing clarification and guidance for individuals and organisations that collect and analyse audience data.

British Arts Festival Association

The British Arts Festival Association (BAFA) is a membership organisation covering the widest span of arts festivals in the UK. It welcomes members from across the full range of art forms including music, dance, the visual arts, theatre, film, comedy and street arts.

Creu Cymru

Creu Cymru is the development agency for theatres and arts centres in Wales. Established in 2001 through the initiative of the sector, Creu Cymru nurtures and supports a vibrant, sustainable and flourishing network of venues across Wales.

Disability Arts Cymru

Disability Arts Cymru is committed to working with individuals and organisations to create opportunities for Disabled and Deaf People to develop their skills in the arts and provides advice on issues related to disability and the arts.

Independent Street Arts Network

The Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN) is an independent group of producers, presenters, promoters and artists working in outdoor arts from the UK and Ireland.

Independent Theatre Council

The Independent Theatre Council (ITC) is the management association and industry lead body for performing arts organisations and individuals working in the field of drama, dance, opera and music theatre, mime and physical theatre, circus, puppetry, street arts and mixed media.

UK Theatre

UK Theatre is the leading trade association representing the interests of and providing professional support for the performing arts in the UK.

Voluntary Arts Network

Voluntary Arts Network (VAN) works with policy makers, funders and politicians to improve the environment for everyone participating in the arts in the voluntary arts sector. Voluntary Arts Wales (VAW) works across Wales to provide mentoring and help with planning, development, training, networking, fundraising and marketing strategies

Wales Association for the Performing Arts

The Wales Association for the Performing Arts (WAPA) is the umbrella body for professional performing arts organisations in Wales, representing theatre, opera and dance.

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