Arts Council of Wales | Working with the Media

Working with the Media

Getting a relevant story into the media can help to communicate messages about arts funding to Assembly Members, Members of Parliament, local authorities and other stakeholders.

A few hints and tips

  • Stay in regular touch with journalists, it will help to keep you on their radar when opportunities to feature your work arise.
  • Positioning leaders or artists from your organisation as spokespeople strengthens your message regionally and nationally. A good spokesperson helps to get your story into the news.
  • Regional radio stations often feature discussion shows on issues that affect local people. Volunteer your spokesperson to take part and highlight why the arts matter in your community.
  • The Arts Council of Wales communications team may be able to provide you with a quote for your press release if you make an advance request.
  • Some AMs/MPs write a column for their local newspaper and may be prepared to feature your organisation and a story about arts funding if approached.
  • Working with other arts organisations could strengthen your message and make the story more newsworthy.
  • Letters from audience members, friends and volunteers can keep your story in the news and show newspaper editors where readers' interests lie.

A good photo or filming opportunity helps to get coverage for your story - this might be also an opportunity to invite your local AM along.

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