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The Arts Work: A Case for the Arts

At Arts Council of Wales we believe there is a powerful case to be made for the value of the arts. Vital contributions are made to all of our lives from the arts, and this should be recognised both individually and collectively.


When Raymond Williams famously said in 1958 "Culture is Ordinary", he immediately added "and that is where we must start." His intention remains exemplary: that there’s nothing mysterious or exclusive about a whole society’s need to share and participate in cultural achievements.

We’re ambitious for the arts in Wales. Our vision is of a creative Wales where the arts are central to the life of the nation, a place where our best talents are revealed, nurtured and shared. So our vision looks to the future of what the arts in Wales could be. It’s about creative ambition, human possibility.

We want to shape an environment for our artists and organisations in which they can create their best work. We want the people of Wales to be able to enjoy and take part in the best that our nation has to offer. We believe that the best experience of art only happens when the chord is struck – when art connects. That’s our definition of great art. Making art, sharing art, being a part of it, in the community, in performance, off the page, in a space, in our lives – this is when art works, inspirationally, individually, collectively.

The Arts Work : A Case for the Arts

These beneficial relationships are complex and inter-related. Pinning this down requires specifics. It needs more measurement, more evaluation, and a new language of value to communicate across different sectors of influence. We need to be able to make the holistic case as clearly as others in the ‘third sector’ do.

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