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What We Do

Our mission is to make the arts central to the life and wellbeing of the nation.

We support and develop high quality arts activity

We invest public funding, using these funds to create opportunities for people to enjoy and take part in the arts.

Our investment in the 67 organisations who are members of Arts Portfolio Wales supports a dynamic and creative arts sector.

We distribute Lottery funds

Through applications to our Lottery funding programmes we’re able to fund projects that develop new arts activity, supporting individuals, communities and organisations.

We provide expert information and advice about the arts

We’re the national centre of a network of information and intelligence about the arts in Wales. We also have strong international links in the UK and beyond.

Through our Council, our staff and our National Advisers we have the largest concentration of specialist arts expertise in Wales.

We raise the profile of the arts in Wales

We’re the national voice for the arts in Wales, promoting the quality, value and importance of the country’s artists and arts organisations.

We generate more money for the arts economy

We manage initiatives such as Collectorplan (our scheme to encourage more people to buy art); we secure European funding to grow the arts in Wales; and we have a presence at international events at home and abroad that open up new markets for Welsh artists.

We encourage innovation and experimentation

We promote projects and initiatives that transform the arts in Wales. From our arts education partnership with the Welsh Government (Creative Learning through the Arts) to technological change (Digital Research & Development), we are constantly looking for new ways for people to encounter and discover the arts.

We influence planners and decision-makers

The arts take place in many different settings. They can have a dramatic impact on the quality of people’s lives, and the places in which they live and work.

The arts are also frequently at the heart of initiatives for economic and social regeneration. Our job is to ensure that the contribution that the arts can make is recognised.

We develop international opportunities in the arts

Through our specialist agency, Wales Arts International, we develop partnerships with cultural organisations such as the British Council, we promote internationally the contemporary culture of Wales, and we encourage international exchange and collaboration between artists and arts organisations

We promote small-scale performances in local communities

Our Night Out scheme provides financial incentives to encourage the promotion of high quality arts activity in local community venues across Wales.

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Apply for funding

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Arts Portfolio Wales | Photo: Mostyn; Hélène Binet

Arts Portfolio Wales

About the members of our portfolio

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Our Research into the Arts

Creative Learning through the Arts

Creative Learning through the Arts

Developing creative skills across the curriculum

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Making art affordable

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Our strategy for creativity and the Arts

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