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Organisational Review

How our organisational review is building a more resilient Arts Council of Wales for the future.

In the face of the continuing pressure on public funds, we believe that as much money as possible should go directly to the arts. That’s why, over the past year, we’ve been carrying out an Organisational Review.

The Arts Matter

As we’ve attended to our internal re-organisation, we’ve not lost sight of what really matters – supporting and developing the arts to be the best that they can be, persuading more people to enjoy and take part in them.

We remain passionate champions of the arts – first-rate in our delivery, but more sustainable in our costs.

Building our resilience

Our Operational Plan for 2017/18 sets out our programme of work for the year.

Within our overall programme of activity, we’re placing particular emphasis on three aspects of our work. Two are outward-facing, the other is specific to the Arts Council itself:

  • Access and Equality
  • Resilience of the Arts sector
  • Resilience of the Arts Council

This document shows how our new ways of working will help us become more resilient:

Building a more resilient Arts Council of Wales

Maintaining our arts expertise

Much of our future approach and staffing structure will be familiar. There’ll be no dramatic changes of direction or abandonment of key services. Arts expertise will, as always, be at the heart of our organisation, and we’ll continue to have staff based in Arts Council offices across Wales.

But with fewer staff you’ll see us bringing a tighter focus to our work, reflecting the emphasis that Council wishes to give to those areas of the arts that we’re now identifying as particular priorities.

Art in Blackwood | Artists: Rubin Eynon

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