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Corporate Plans & Strategies

Our main organisational plans and strategies.

In September 2018 we launched our new Corporate Plan, 'For the Benefit of All'.

'For the Benefi of All' marks an important moment of change. It reflects our belief that Wales is stronger, socially and culturally, if more people enjoy and take part in the arts.

People encounter the arts in different ways and we want to celebrate the diversity and richness of their culture, their ambitions, their creative imagination. Put simply, we want to broaden the ways that we work, and the people who we work with.

How we got here

Read about how we formed our current corporate plan and find out more about our consultation process, Sgwrs Gelfyddydol.

Links to our corporate plans and strategies

Corporate Plan

For the benefit of all: Our Corporate Plan 2018-23

Operational Plan

Operational Plan 2018-19

Capital Strategy

Capital Strategy 2012-2017(582k)

Wales Arts International Strategy

Wales Arts: a bridge to the world 2018-23

Strategic Equality Action Plan

This Strategic Equality Action Plan for 2017-2021 challenges ourselves as an organisation, our portfolio of revenue funded companies and those we support in the wider arts sector to attach greater importance to equalities.

Read the Strategic Equality Action Plan

Strategy for Children, Young People and the Arts

Young Creators - Strategy for Children, Young People and the Arts(1091k)

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