Arts Council of Wales | Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

Arts Council of Wales is obliged to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities.

The Freedom of Information Act was passed in November 2000 and became fully effective in January 2005. The responsibility of overseeing the Act is that of the Information Commissioner.

Accessible Information

Under the Act any person can request information, where the information is not already accessible, via letter or email to Arts Council of Wales. Arts Council of Wales has an obligation to inform the applicant in writing whether it holds the information requested. If the information is held and is not subject to any of the Act's exemptions Arts Council of Wales has 20 working days in which to supply the information requested.

The Act also requires public authorities to have an approved publication scheme, which is a means of providing access to information which an authority proactively publishes.

It is intended that implementation of the Act will lead to a better understanding of how public bodies carry out their duties and the processes they follow when making decisions.

You can find out more about the Freedom of Information Act on the Information Commissioner's website.

Charging Policy

Under Freedom of Information Act legislation and our obligations as a registered charity there may be instances when Arts Council of Wales will charge for information provided in response to a request.

Our Charging Policy sets out instances when charges will apply, and the process we will adopt in calculating, communicating and applying the charges.

Appeals Process

If you wish to seek a review of a decision made by Arts Council of Wales not to provide the information you have requested, you have a right to do so.

As a first step you should write to;

Chief Executive
Arts Council of Wales
Bute Place
CF10 5AL

The Chief Executive will then consider your complaint.

If it is decided that procedures were not followed and the additional information should be disclosed, this will be done within 20 days of the decision to disclose. If you are dissatisfied with the Arts Council of Wales internal review you have the right to appeal in writing to the Information Commissioner at one of the provided addresses.

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